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    1. Why would one use an R-Lens on an EVIL-Camera if there are ways to use it on DSolrBLdies?ERect-onic viewfinders, in my point of view, detach the photographer from the world, like someone watching TV.And all that technical data, that is overlaying the picture inside the frame, instead of in a seperate display under or besides the picture like in real DSLR/SLR cameras is even more distracting and reminds me of the Terminator movies…

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      1. There is a great site for texting feedback that we may try at some point. We are fortunate to have the responders for the SMART Board as this is essentially the same as texting feedback. The one advantage of using text messages is the specific comments people can make rather than a limited number of choices.Do you see WiFi as an educational tool or an entertainment tool or both?

      2. Sobre os pivots de "primeira linha", tenho precisamente a mesma convicção do caro Professor Massano Cardoso.Resistir a entrevistas destas, mantendo a postura e serenidade necessárias para não ser enredado em cenários alheios, é uma perda de tempo que exige paciência de santo…

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      4. Bonjour,Un peu dans la meme situation que suis sur orleans mais tres souvent a pour le travail.. j aime lesjolies choses.. les belles tables.. et les femmes.. alors un dejeuner une belle buteille de champagne.. et on decide ensuite…Brun.. 1,80 metre..proportionné..Je peux transmettre des photos si besoin.Me contacter a Au plaisir de te lire. Eric

      1. For å være helt ærlig skjønner jeg han er litt "snurt".. Ikke greit når han sikkert er litt skamfull..Du får trøste han med at det vokser ut og at han slipper å bli lugget når han skal gres..At vi ler av han eller snakker om han skjønner han vet du..Natti..natt..nå Skal jeg legge meg:-)Stooor klem Randi

    3. For all those anonymous people, show your face and let’s have a debate.I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with the passage. He pointed out the fact. The fact may not be something you would like to hear, but that doesn’t change the fact.For all those people who claim that this passage is a piece of crap, point it out and I will be glad to debate with you. Let’s see what’s so right about your point of view.

    4. Au nom de quoi le débat sur la peine de mort, ou sur n’importe quel autre thème, serait-il définitivement clôt ?Pourquoi aucune remise en question ne serait-elle possible ?Comme si tout allait bien en Europe, comme si tout le monde était heureux, comme si tout ce que nous avions toujours fait était parfait.Les tueurs d’enfants, doivent mourir.Les trafiquants de drogue doivent mourir.L’Europe actuelle fait dans l’extrêmisme laxiste.

    5. Genín, me refiero a las constructoras y las grandes inmobiliarias. Desde luego no me refiero a quien ocupa un terreno rústico lo utiliza para sacar frutos y vivir en él. Hablo de la construcción ilegal de las miles de viviendas que han destrozado la costa, respnsable de la burbuja inmobiliaria y que parece que vuelve.Salud y República

    6. at 07:52  hulákal:Zlatej můj job, do práce jsem si chodil na 10tou, v 6 jsem odcházel a to jeÅ¡tÄ› v tom lepším případÄ›, kdy jsem nedÄ›lal z domova Co jsem si vždy přál bylo pÅ™enést mojí Britskou firmu do ÄŒR

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